Proof Oil Chain

Proof Oil Chain

Code Proof Load(kN) D (mm) L (mm) B (mm) Drum Size
SS-CHPC-07 19.2 7 30.3 11.8 200M
SS-CHPC-08 25 8 31.9 13.9 200M
SS-CHPC-10 39.2 10 41.2 18.1 100M
SS-CHPC-13 66.3 13 50.1 20 50M

Shackles to suit

Chain Dee Shackle Bow Shackle
SS-CHPC-07 SS-360F-10LR SS-370F-10LR
SS-CHPC-08 SS-360F-10LR SS-370F-10LR
SS-CHPC-10 SS-360F-12LR SS-370F-12LR
SS-CPHC-13 SS-360F-16LR SS-370F-16LR

Suggested applications:
Static lashing chain
Shade Sails
Dragging chains
Other applications where commercial chain is not suitable.

Note: Chain not rated for overhead lifting applications and is not suitable for permanent immersion.

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